City Hunter” takes home the “Soompi Drama of the Week” title for two weeks in a row. In the latest two episodes, we see how much our two “enemies” Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) and Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) have in common. Both are victims of the previous generation’s actions, both try to break free from their father’s shadows and control, and both have a strong sense of justice. In some ways, the two seem as if they genuinely respect each other; and had they met in any other circumstances, they could have shared a great bromance. In the upcoming episodes, they will also share a common enemy, Chun Jae Man (Choi Jung Woo), in order to protect those they love and themselves.

Additionally, viewers saw Yoon Sung come full circle with his emotions. For the first time since he began the mission to bring down the group of five, Yoon Sung found himself wanting to kill. “City Hunter” set its new record highs in  viewership ratings with 18.4% and 19.6% (AGB Nielsen) on Wednesday and Thursday. “City Hunter’s” ever-growing popularity is largely due to all the hard work put on by its cast and crew, as well as director Jin Hyuk’s intuition

For those of you who have been following the drama, what are your thoughts? Consider this your “open thread” to rant and rave about the “drama of the week!”

Lee Min Ho’s Five Stages of Fury

Lee Joon Hyuk’s Six Looks of Angst and Rage 

A fan-made music video of Yoon Sung and Nana (credits to MokkoriHunterMusic)