With the growing success of K-Pop and K-dramas around the world, numerous fan clubs have been founded on each continent. Thanks to the large mobilization of fans, various events have been organized worldwide to gather members, show support to celebrities and even donate to charity. Soompi has decided to highlight and support these large events and fan clubs by publishing their activities. Check out this first episode highlighting the amazing projects prepared by four fan clubs in Asia, South America and Europe!

German B2UTIES (BEAST fans)

Last February, the German B2UTIES had the chance to welcome BEAST in their country for a Beautiful Show in Berlin. For this special event, the fan club created a video to express their love and support to the band. The video shows different dance moves performed around the city. Check out their video here! Has your fan club also created a video to celebrate the Beautiful Show in your country?

Indonesian ELFs (Super Junior fans)

Last March, the largest ELF club in Indonesia organized a Tribute to Super Junior : a one-day event with many fun activities. The fans had the chance to play games, learn how to dance Super Junior’s choreographies and win prizes during a karaoke competition on the band’s biggest hits. The event also presented amazing dance performances by Indonesian dancers, as well as shows with the bands Princess and FAME. Did you have the chance to attend this event? Check out here their official video of the event!

Vietnamese VIPs (BIGBANG fans)

Vietnamese VIPs have been really lucky this month as BIGBANG visited Vietnam for the first time for the SoundFest on April 14th. For this special weekend, the fan club organized several events to welcome their favorite band. Check out their flashmob in Ha Noi!

The fan club had also prepared some fan chants to welcome BIGBANG at the airport, and protected the band at their arrival.

Peruvian A+ (MBLAQ fans)

The Peruvian A+ have been really active lately. Indeed, the fan club organized numerous events, such as fan gatherings to celebrate their idol’s birthday, projection of music videos and contests. Yet, the fan club also kindheartedly made charity donations to help families in the name of MBLAQ fans.

If your fan club has also organized events to show support to your favorite idol, don’t hesitate to write to us! Soompi would love to highlight your amazing projects in our second episode!