Thanks to everyone who supported our Soompi Shop launch last week! Our initial product, the “Men in MBLAQ” DVD package including a photobook and rare behind-the-scenes postcards, has almost sold out. This week, we are offering a special autographed and personalized miss A package! That’s right, this is your chance to receive official miss A merchandise that has been personally signed by Suzy, Min, Jia, and Fei!

The package includes a miss A “Touch” CD, a purple ballpoint pen, a notepad with 8 photos, and a postcard that has been signed and personalized by the members of miss A! The pen, shown (with a ribbon) by miss A’s Suzy on her personal Twitter, bears the miss A label in white. It has a grippy rubber coating and chubby handle for easy writing. The miss A “Touch” notepad contains 8 photos (4 pages) of the members and lots of blank pages for you to express your creativity! Finally, the postcard will have your name written on it, and it will be signed by all four girls! Can you imagine receiving a postcard from miss A straight to you?

Again, the package comes with free express shipping! Only 100 units are available, so be sure to reserve your copy when the miss A package appears on Friday, April 27, 11 AM KST!

Soompi Shop will continue to bring you new products every week from Korea. In the near future, you can look forward to cool items related to Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, BEAST, and more. Please stay tuned!

Update: The miss A package sold out in twenty minutes! Thanks, everyone, for your support!

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