Hey Soompiers!

As if thousands of exclusive autographed CDs (delivered directly to your door from the top entertainment agencies in Korea) weren’t reason enough to frequent Soompi Shop, now you have another reason to shop with us! Soompi Shop has just obtained Hanteo and Gaon chart support! This means that ALL CDs purchased at Soompi Shop will now contribute to the prestigious Hanteo and Gaon chart rankings, allowing you to support your favorite artists even further.

To celebrate this occasion, we are giving away three gift certificates to Soompi Shop!

  • First prize: a $50 gift certificate!
  • Second prize: a $30 gift certificate!
  • Third prize: a $20 gift certificate!

To win all you have to do is:

  1. Like Soompi Shop on Facebook and follow @soompi on Twitter,
  2. Share or tweet this article:
  • On Facebook, share this article. Make sure your sharing settings are public so we can see it!
  • On Twitter, tweet the following sentence: “Soompi Shop now offers Hanteo and Gaon chart support! Enter to win a gift certificate from @Soompi Shop! http://bit.ly/16pHzVv

We will randomly select three people, and announce the winners on Monday, July 15!

No doubt about it, Soompi Shop is becoming bigger and better than ever! Please continue to give us your support so we can continue delivering the best autographed merchandise, cosmetics, and Korean entertainment CDs, DVDs, and other goods!


  • First prize: @xsugarysweet (Twitter) won a $50 gift certificate!
  • Second prize: Joanna Escanilla (Facebook) won a $30 gift certificate!
  • Third prize: @MarineDasia (Twitter) won a $20 gift certificate!

Important: We will be contacting the lucky winners through Facebook and Twitter, so please make sure to check your Facebook messages and Twitter mentions! You’ll need to get back to us in the following 24 hours!