It’s pretty common to see many K-Pop stars carry their iPhones in a specially designed case these days (a) to protect the phone from scratches, (b) to give a better grip, and (c) to add style to the phone’s simple design.

This week, Soompi Shop offers a product that will add a new dimension to your iPhone. It’s called “Appitoz,” a combination of the words “Application,” “Intelligent,” and “Toy.” This groundbreaking technology not just fulfills the needs of a regular iPhone case, but it breathes new life into your iPhone!

“Appitoz” is a phone case with arms and legs, and with a simple download of its application, you can see its various faces as well! (Learn more about the product through the video below).


Depending on the way you touch or move your iPhone, “Appitoz” will react in a different way. Its perfect combination of technology and design will give you a completely new iPhone experience – and who knows, your new best friend may just be a click away!

This product comes with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING! It will be available starting from Wednesday, May 2, 11AM KST through Soompi Shop here!

Remember, our last product (miss A’s special package) sold out in JUST 18 MINUTES, so make sure you reserve your product before it’s too late!