Super Junior fans rejoice! Soompi Shop is offering a must have Super Junior Star Collection Box for any serious fan! The box will have 50 cards in total (10 packs in total, each pack contains 5 cards), there will be one magnet card, and 3 card protector films!

In total there are 150 different kinds of cards. 87 of these are normal ones and 63 of these are rare ones. (The rare ones are harder to get!)

There are dynamic cards, hot stamping signature rare cards, shining cards, puzzle cards, and puzzle cards. Obviously, the coolest thing about the card box is that you have a chance to get an authentic autographed card(Note: It’s not a hand-signed autograph card, but machine-printed).

Because each pack contains cards put in at random, one box might contain duplicate cards.

We will begin selling on August 3, 2012 (KST) until August 13, 2012 (KST).

Get Yours Now Before It Is Too Late!!!