What happened to the prettiest guy of 2010? Is Soompi’s 2010 poster boy still modeling? I caught up with Mr. EnVogue a year later to see what he has been up to for my site BTSCelebs. Check out an excerpt from the interview below: 

BTSCelebs: Besides winning the contest, have you gotten additional modeling opportunities?

EnVogue: Right now I am in vietnam visiting my family but I also got a job for Elle Vietnam tmrw so stay tuned haha 

We will…haha  …..Are you currently on an exclusive contract with a modeling agency in Germany?

I am only under instyle but I am free to join other agencies so if u know someone….:)) holla at me

Holla! haha Ok …..Do you want to expand your modeling career to the USA?

going international is a big dream of mine right now I am waiting for replies of agencies in Paris and America but it is still really hard for an asian model to be really succesful in europe or america as ppl are still not interested in asian models 

I hear you. I guess you have to keep trying until you reach your goals…. Do you have a role model?

male asian models like sen mitsuji or noma han are people I look up to because they are asian and successful”

If you want to read the entire interview click here

Did you enjoy catching up with a former Ulzzang?

Credit: singer‘s website, BTSCelebs