Park Seung-il continues to have the support of SNSD as members Sooyoung and Tiffany recently accompanied him to the premiere of “Blue Salt.” SNSD have made sure to make time for him, no matter how busy, with multiple visits and signs of support. It’s made extra special by the fact he had named Sooyoung as one of his two favorite female celebrities.

But this is not just “part of the job” for SNSD, nor is it for any other celebrity. If you look back at his story, it’s one of not giving up, a story of inspiration. It’s this strength and inspiration that has touched the hearts of many celebrities, who themselves have been inspired.

For those who are unaware of who Park Seung-il is, he is a former basketball coach who is currently fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease. He is also an inspiring man who has captured the hearts of many, including some Kpop stars who have personally visited him.

Sean of Jinusean paid a visit after reading Park Seung-il’s book, “Writing hope with eyes,” and he took along G Dragon of Big Bang. Since then, Sean has been pursuing activities in order to help build a sanitarium for patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

He also has had lots of support from SNSD who made it a point to meet him no matter how busy their schedule was. Not only has he met with members seperate, including Seohyun bringing him gifts, he also watched SNSD in concert and took a picture with them.

I think his favorite visit though was from Sooyoung and actress Shin Sae Kyung as he had named them as his two favorite female celebrities.

The list of people who admire his strength and have been inspired by him continues to grow, and this story of strength and inspiration will continue to inspire.

To learn more about Lou Gehrig’s disease read about it here.