The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced that it will begin to work with the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association to better keep tabs on the entertainment industry.


The ministry will start off by a building a database of firms who work within the entertainment industry in order to create more transparency. This database could contain anywhere from 500-1000 firms according to the ministry’s estimates. It will also update laws that are now outdated that will include stricter regulations to keep out unfit managers, such as those with criminal records.


The ministry stated that, “While the number of people who want to work in the entertainment industry is growing very fast, there are only a handful of professional management firms.”


As K-Pop continues to grow its global reach and continue to generate revenue there will undoubtedly be those who look to prey on people looking to make it in the entertainment business, so the steps taken by the government are positives ones. This will hopefully make things safer for would-be idols.