T-ara‘s Soyeon will be returning to the filming set of KBS “Haeundae Lovers” on August 15. A representative from KBS’s Drama department told, “Soyeon will be returning to the set on August 15. We plan on being extremely cautious in continuing filming. If we finish filming on August 15 as originally planned, the show will be able to air on August 20 and 21 as scheduled without any difficulties. Both the production team and Soyeon are not considering the possibility of her leaving the show early.”

Previously on August 13, Soyeon got into a car accident near Gumi in Gyeongsangbuk-do. The car slipped in rain and rolled over. Soyeon was transported to a hospital in Seoul soon after the accident occurred. Soyeon’s agency Core Contents Media announced, “Although she does not have any visible injuries, aftereffects usually follow a car accident. Since it was a big accident, we are paying a close attention to Soyeon to make sure she is okay.”

Currently, Soyeon is appearing on “Haeundae Lovers” as Go So Ra’s (played by Jo Yeo Jung) younger sister Lee Gwan Soon.