MONSTA X’s Kihyun and Minhyuk appeared on JTBC2’s “Soyou X Hani’s Beauty View” on January 11.

“Soyou X Hani’s Beauty View” is a new show that shares knowledge about beauty with Soyou and EXID’s Hani as the MCs. On this episode, the celebrities revealed how they relax and find healing.

Soyou, Kihyun, and Minhyuk are all signed under Starship Entertainment and have known each other for many years. Throughout the episode, Soyou and Kihyun made viewers laugh by bickering like real-life siblings. Kihyun was previously the MC of a beauty program and shared his knowledge throughout the episode.

The three singers went surfing at an indoor surf gym and talked about makeup fixing sprays and sealers. When Soyou tried to spray Kihyun’s face, he commented, “I already sprayed it before coming.”

Soyou asked Kihyun, “What is most important when spraying mist?” and he answered, “You have to spray it 30 centimeters (approximately 11.8 inches) away [from the face].” Soyou corrected him and said, “It’s 15 centimeters (approximately 5.9 inches). You learned it wrong. You should learn it again.”

The two also had a beauty quiz battle where Kihyun showed off his impressive beauty knowledge. He stated, “Next week we will return as ‘Kihyun’s Beauty View.’ I will show you what a real beauty MC is like.”

Meanwhile, Hani and fellow EXID member Hyerin went to a ski resort where Hani learned to ski for the first time.

“Soyou X Hani’s Beauty View” airs on Thursdays at 7 p.m. KST.

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