On October 2, Soyou sat down for an interview at the Starship Entertainment offices to talk about her upcoming solo album “Part.2 RE:FRESH.”

During the interview, the conversation turned naturally to SISTAR, which disbanded last May after seven years together. Hyolyn and Bora subsequently moved to other agencies, while Dasom and Soyou re-signed with Starship.

Soyou said, “It’s a cliché to say it was a beautiful ending, but that’s really what it was like for us. Our members still stay in contact with one another and meet up. We are doing well in our respective spheres. We cheer each other on and it’s beautiful.”

When asked about the possibility of SISTAR’s reunion, Soyou said, “I have to be careful talking about that now. We made the decision after a lot of thought, after all. There are a lot of sensitive parts in this discussion.”

She continued, “SISTAR was supported for seven years by our youth. In other words, I think that our ‘youth’ will come to change.”

Soyou also added, “If time goes on and 10 years from now people still remember us, we might reunite if our bones are still healthy. Bora and Dasom are pursuing acting now, but they still love music. Hyolyn came out with new music last summer, so next summer will be Soyou’s summer.

“Of course, it’s not like I don’t think about SISTAR. I hope that people will listen to my new solo song and feel a little less regretful about SISTAR’s disbandment,” she concluded with a laugh.

“Part.2 RE:FRESH” will be released on October 4.

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