The filming scenes of Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra, We Got Married’s new and third couple, were unveiled.

On October 6, at Busan, Gimhae Airport We Got Married’s new couple, Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra had their first couple of filming and scenes of their marriage life attracted the attention of many netizens.     

On this day, a photo was uploaded with the title, “Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra filming for We Got Married and they are holding hands already!” which shows that they have officially commenced their life as a “couple.”

In the preview that was aired on October 1, foreshadowed their appearance on We Got Married. Netizens, after seeing the preview have said, “It’s totally Kang So Ra,” “Is it really going to be Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra?” “I have a feeling that there is going to be a twist within Super Junior,” “Is it a project to find the leader a woman?” and narrowed down their assumptions to Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra as the next couple.

In addition, they have also said, “What will happen when the best idol and an actress meet?” “They are seven years apart, lucky seven!” and “It’s a new pair, I can’t wait!”

On the other hand, Kang So Ra starred in the hit movie, “Sunny” and is currently starring in a drama, “Our House’s Women.”