During Psy’s most recent concert, there was a potentially dangerous incident where the ceiling stage light caught fire. Psy managed to keep the audience calm even in this situation, and the audience cheered him on.

On the evening of August 11, Psy held his “Summer Stand THE Soaked Show” concert at the Jamsil Sports Complex with an audience of approximately 30,000.

The accident occurred while Psy was demonstrating his great showmanship and the crowd was enjoying the show. The ceiling stage light had caught fire and was causing sparks to drop down to the audience. While Psy was singing his song “End,” he stopped the performance and said, “Wait a moment” and proceeded to calm the audience.

As he looked at the burning light, Psy said, “What a sight. How passionate it must have been here for the light to catch on fire.” He continued, “As the staff takes care of the situation, let us calm down our burning hearts,” and sprayed water to a large portion of the audience.

Psy sang Lee Seung Gi‘s “Because You’re My Girl” until the everything was taken care of and made sure to keep the flow of the concert intact.

Meanwhile, Psy has been garnering the attention of the entire world with his hit new song “Gangnam Style.”