On October 8, MBC reality/competition program “Star Audition 3” MC and former S.E.S. idol Eugene participated in a production press conference for “Star Audition 3” along with the new season 3 mentors.  “Star Audition 3” mentors are: renowned Boohwal guitarist Kim Tae Won, ballad singer Kim Yeon Woo, producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Cheol is a hit-maker for top stars such as Son Dambi, SISTAR, and After School), and musical actress Kim So Hyeon

In the photographs, Eugene looks refreshing and light in a full-length striped dress that has a cutaway that reveals her slender backside.  Fans are eager to see how Eugene will conduct herself as an MC on a reality competition program as she herself is a former idol of one of the original idol groups of Korea. 

“Star Audition 3” has completed its local and abroad auditions and is scheduled to premiere in October.