The second season of MBC “Star Audition” ended on March 30 with 12.1% rating. Compared to last season’s finale episode, which accomplished 21.8% in rating, this was a disappointing result. The second season of “Star Audition” was greatly affected by “MBC Labor Union Strike.” A live episode was cancelled unexpectedly and producers and emcees were changed. As a result, the program’s quality was not up to par with the first season and the viewers could not help but to notice the difference. 

Despite such disappointing results of the second season, MBC plans on producing the third season of “Star Audition.” Since a large number of producers are participating in the strike, it is more cost-effective for MBC to produce another season of currently existing show than to try to come up with something entirely new. An official from MBC commented, “Since this season failed to produce a big star or even to make something attention worthy, there has been talks about canceling ‘Star Audition’ altogether, but in the end, we decided to go with season three. Other than casting new mentors, there is not much hardship in producing the third season. We are going to keep the original editing and concept.” 

The third season of “Star Audition” will air in the second half of 2012. A source revealed, “Although nothing is scheduled really, we plan on airing the show sometime after the summer. We will start auditioning in June and July for the third season.”