When it comes to showing their love for K-Pop, Starbucks hasn’t been afraid to let everyone know, especially when it comes to BTS. It looks like they’ve been keeping their eyes on another group as well, though.

From one of the collections that Starbucks China recently released, they have fans convinced they may be a secret SEVENTEEN fan.

seventeen jeonghan

Through Weibo, Starbucks China revealed a line of cups under the name of the “Starbucks Aurora Collection.”

The cups, tumbler, mugs, and thermos were all colored in a beautiful pink and purple ombre that faded into each other. When Carats spotted the collection, there was a reason it looked so familiar.

starbucks china weibo 1
| 星巴克中国/Weibo

The colors were nearly identical to the rose quartz pink and serenity bluish purple that are SEVENTEEN’s official colors.

starbucks china weibo 2
| 星巴克中国/Weibo

Because the cups could’ve easily passed as items that SEVENTEEN would’ve released for fans, quite a few Chinese Carats couldn’t resist purchasing some of the collection’s items.

One even snapped a photo of the Starbucks tumbler beside SEVENTEEN’s Carat Bong to prove how much the colors were nearly identical.

starbucks cup seventeen carat bong @Destar1919
| @Destar1919/Twitter

It looks like SEVENTEEN has another fan of their official colors, besides their friend GOT7‘s BamBam.

got7 bambam seventeen lightstick carat bong