Earlier today, MBC’s “Good Day” revealed some of the posh gifts celebrities received from their amazing fans. Before his military enlistment, “Secret Garden” star Hyun Bin received a diamond-studded razor. The razor is decorated with 150 pieces of diamond and is worth approximately $32K. Super Junior’s Leeteuk received a golden microphone from a Chinese fan.

Recently, actress Gong Hyun Joo revealed that she received a 10 trillion dollar bill on “Strong Heart,” surprising everyone. However, the money was a Zimbabwe bill and worth less than $5 USD. Early Hallyu star, “Baby-faced Beauty’sJang Nara also received a large sum of cash, approximately $100K, from a fan who wanted her to use the gift to promote her movie. Ballad singer Eru was showered with flowers and approximately $13K by a Japanese fan.