On June 13, many stars carried out their civic duties to vote in the 2018 Korean local elections from any of the 14,134 voting polls nationwide from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. KST.

Go Ara wrote, “Voting complete. Stamp. Press hard.”

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#투표#완료 ~?? #도장#꾸욱 ~??

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon said, “Photo of proof that my family voted” and showed the hands of her and her family members with stamps on them.

Actress Kim Jung Eun said, “My husband can’t vote even if he wants to” and teased her Korean-American husband.

Rapper Cheetah wrote, “Voted on my way to work.”

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출근길에 #투표 #vote ???

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Musical actress Hong Ji Min said, “Going to practice after voting. Beautiful people, vote. With my mother-in-law and my husband.”

Rainbow member Kim Jisook stated, “Completed voting with the air of early morning! Make sure you vote today! Let’s use our precious rights in a cool way!”

Actress Kim Hyo Jin wrote, “Voting complete. Morning exercise also complete. Have a happy day!”

Announcer Jung Da Eun said, “The dad went to broadcast about the elections and the mom and baby came to vote.”

With a photo of a stamp on her son’s hand, Kim Na Young wrote, “Voting is complete for us too!”

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우리도 투표완료❣️

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun wrote, “Voting is complete for the June 13 local elections. Let’s all give our one precious vote.”

Jun Hyun Moo said, “Please don’t make me regret voting.”

Solbi said, “Did you vote? The beautiful rights of a voter. Gave my one precious vote.”

Heo Ji Woong added, “It’s not the sole responsibility of the government to end the corrupt ghosts of the past. Today is the day that citizens end it themselves. Let’s vote. I voted in the early voting.”

K.Will said, “I’m doing a proof photo for the first time in a while hehe. SNS keke.”

INFINITE’s Sungyeol said, “Everyone let’s vote! Child of a new world.”

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우리모두 투표합시다!!!??? 새나라의어린이?

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Kang Eun Bi wrote, “Early morning 6 a.m. voting complete! Hehe”

BoA said, “Voting complete!”

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투표 완료!!! ?

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Actress Han Ji Hye said, “I voted.”

TWICE members Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Jungyeon, and Jihyo voted and urged their fans to do the same.

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우리 ONCE도 투표하세요?

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여러분도 소중한 한표 꼭! 투표하세여?

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투표 완료! 원스도 오늘 꼭 투표해요??

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투표완료! 소중한 한표 원스도 투표해요!!

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다들 투표했죠? 나도 투표완료!

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EXID’s Hani said, “Let’s vote!”

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Kim Young Chul stated, “There’s not much time left now! It’s easier today if you know your registration number. Make sure you take your identification card.”

Yoon Jong Shin wrote, “Hoping that it gets better. Press [the stamp] down hard! Press! Press!”

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더 나아지길 바라며 꾹!!!꾹!!!꾹!!!

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DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul wrote, “Local elections, vote, worker of my district, with my own hand.”

Ha Ri Soo said, “I rushed out to go out to vote. Don’t misunderstand! I just made a V-pose and did not vote for No. 2. Who I voted for is a secret.”

2PM’s Chansung stated, “I voted.”

Bae Jung Nam said, “I voted.”

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투표했습니데이~???? #vote #투표합시다

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Former After School member Yoon So Young wrote, “One precious vote” and said she went on her way to filming.

Other stars participated in early voting and some even voted for the first time.

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