Starship Entertainment has decided to act against the rising sajaegi (term used for “chart manipulation”) rumors about housed artists.

The agency released an official statement, saying, “We will institute criminal action against netizens that have spread malicious rumors about Starship Entertainment artists. We cannot take any more of these harsh words or rumors about chart manipulation. We believe this is a form of invasion of human rights and we have the right to sue in order to protect individuals’ reputations.”

It ended with, “The housed artists have been scarred by ongoing sajaegi rumors. We have decided to take action because these rumors are diminishing the artists’ sense of achievement that they’ve worked so hard for. Starship Entertainment has been patient with these malicious rumors until now. Despite the fact, the level of vulgarity of these comments have kept on rising and it’s unacceptable. We hope that these rumors interfering with the entertainment industry will die down with this decision.”

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