This rookie female idol proved to be a huge fan of Hyuna when fans discovered past pictures of her at the singer’s fansign.


STAYC‘s Isa was spotted in a video recording Hyuna’s fansign during “Babe” era.


The two can be seen taking a selfie together.


Isa has previously admitted to being a fan of Hyuna and these photos only prove how sincere she is!

| @stayc_official/Twitter

Hyuna even signed an album for her with an encouraging message.

Unnie will also support you ???? Hwaiting! Let’s meet in Seoul ♡

— Hyuna

| Nate Pann

From being a fan to standing on stage, Isa is living the fangirl dream.

Let’s hope both Isa and Hyuna will be able to stand on the same stage one day!

| @stayc_official/Twitter