STAYC has just finished their first variety show: Hard Training. After a hilarious game of “pick up the cake”, the members were rewarded with a gift. Thinking it would be a feast, the members began to tear up as they found letters from their families hidden in the cake.

Here are pieces of the heartwarming messages:

Sieun: “Our daughter Sieun, To see our daughter always so beautiful and bright as a singer as you’ve always dreamed of, makes our hearts throb. It’s like a dream.”

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J: “To Yeeun, our proud daughter, There’s a photo in a corner of our living room written with two wishes you wrote as a child: ‘I wish for our family lives long and happy lives’ and ‘I wish to be a girl group idol”. Watching you grow over the years made us happy, and we always will be.”

j yeeun
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Isa: “Chaeyoung, The year you started high school, you practiced so hard to achieve your dreams. As we watched you make your way through everything on your own, we as your mom and dad are both thankful and sorry. We know how you must be feeling, standing at the starting line but as your mom and dad, we know you’ll be great.”

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Seeun: “To our little princess Seeun, As I was strolling down a street full of gingko leaves, it reminded me of my Seeun and how far you’ve come this year. You left behind Spring’s romance, Summer’s fun, and the glamor of Autumn to achieve your dreams and I am so proud. This cold Winter, I think of you like the warm days of Spring: my heart awaiting, my thrill, my delight, and the person whom I miss so much.”

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Sumin: To the cute, fruity, Sumin, During the five and a half years as a trainee, there were hard times. You worked so hard that we couldn’t possibly put it into words. We wanted to tell you that you deserve all the love you get. Sumin, now you are happy right?”

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Yoon: “The first letter to our dear puppy, When I think of my Jayoon, your mom can’t help but cry. Never did you once complain about how hard it all is. You said ‘if this is too hard, then I can’t achieve anything.’ That’s how you would console me. You worked so hard, wishing for only flowery days ahead of you.”

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You can watch the full episode below!