Girl group Stellar, who is looking toward a July 11 comeback, has unveiled their album jacket photo and the name of their title song.

Stellar is making a comeback after about a year, making this new digital album highly anticipated for fans. The new single is titled, “Study, Please” (tentative English title; Korean “공부하세요”). The track will be a retro pop song with a catchy melody and bubbly lyrics.

The title song from the single album is produced by Sweet Tune, who also composed Infinite‘s “Be Mine” and “Chaser,” as well as Kara‘s “Jumping” and “Lupin.”

The choreography is produced by Yama & HotChicks, who worked with Kara on “Mister,” famous for the butt dance, and Girl’s Day‘s “Expectations” with its suspenders dance. According to the group’s agency, “The choreography will express how a woman opens her heart to a man.”

Stellar wil have their first comeback stage July 11 on “M!Countdown.”

stellar study teaser image