The Scent” released stills of Park Si Yeon. “The Scent” is an upcoming murder thriller directed by Kim Hyung Joon and distributed by Show Box. The movie stars Park Si Yeon as a widow named “Su Jin,” who holds the key to unlocking the mystery of her husband’s murder.

The film depicts “Su Jin” as a pure-hearted, attractive woman caught in a series of traumatic events. It is being said that she was able to succesfully channel the character’s disturbing experiences which resulted in a startling performance. 

The stills, which were released on March 28, depict the first few scenes of the movie and show a traumatized Park Si Yeon, who has just found her murdered husband in their motel room. Wet from the rain, she is wearing a black slip which is clinging to her body, revealing her enviable curvaceous body. 

Park Si Yeon as a widow in the murder mystery,