New stills for the upcoming and highly anticipated drama “Good Doctor” have been revealed!

First, leading lady Moon Chae Won transformed into the beautiful and passionate female doctor, Cha Yoon Seo. She sports a white gown over blue scrubs and pulls back her hair in a simple ponytail, perfecting the doctor look.

good doctor moon chae won stills

It is known that Moon Chae Won has been receiving special training and lessons from a real-life pediatrician, reading books and watching documentaries on medical topics in order to strengthen her role.

The staff team commented, “Moon Chae Won has completely fallen into her character Cha Yoon Seo, who is smart, responsible and has a great personality,” and “This is her first time playing a doctor role since her debut so she will be showing new sides of herself that haven’t been seen in her past dramas. We hope you will take a lot of interest.”

Stills of Joo Won were also released, with him looking as handsome as ever!

Joo Won is decked out in a suit, which emphasizes his long legs and handsome face. Joo Won is also said to be doing his research by reading many books and asking many questions to different people to perfect his role as an autism doctor.

Meanwhile, other cast members of “Good Doctor” include Joo Sang Wook, Kim Min Seo, Chun Ho Jin and Kwak Do Won. The pilot episode will air on August 5, after “Shark” ends.

good doctor joo won stills