Stray Kids’ 2000-liners Han, Hyunjin, Felix and Seungmin recently collaborated on live broadcast to answer some of the burning questions that fans had.

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The 2000-liners, plus their maknae I.N, played a massive role in conceptualising this youthful and energetic aura that Stray Kids has had.

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When the group first debuted, the 2000-liners had a boyish and cute charm to them.


Yet, fans have also been noticing how increasingly mature the boys come across with each comeback.

Consequently, the four 2000-liners are increasingly being seen as men.


The 2000-liners discussed during their live broadcast how exciting it was that they will turn 20 in Korean age this year.

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In fact, this year marks the first time that the 2000-liners are no longer bound by the curfew.

South Korea has restrictions on the working hours of minors, preventing them from working after 10pm. Hence, in Stray Kids’ first year, the younger members were required to leave from group activities that would run late into the night.

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With this new sense of freedom, the 2000-liners were eager to try something they had never done before.

The four talked about how they really hoped to do a subunit consisting of just the 2000-liners.

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When one fan asked the boys what concept would they want to pursue, Han had a perfect answer.

We’re 20 years old now. And our birthdays are just around the corner. It’s time for a sexy concept

The other members, especially Felix, expressed their agreement.

Seungmin highlighted that this sexy concept would work perfectly for Han.

Hearing this, Han gave the viewers a taste of what a “sexy concept” Stray Kids would look like.

I am sexy

It’s crazy how time goes by fast, but fans cannot wait to see what Stray Kids will do in the future.

And maybe a 2000-line subunit could be something on the cards!