As part of their Japanese promotions, Stray Kids had an interview and photoshoot with Modelpress. Most of the questions were centered around music, from their influences to the meaning of their own tracks.

stray kids modelpress

There was one question that wasn’t about music at all that caught fans a little bit off guard, though.

2 stray kids changbin

Since fans enjoy finding out their favorite idol’s ideal type, there was a question that put a different twist on finding that out. The group was asked what fashion they prefer to see on a girl.

3 stray kids bang chan

Because no one should dictate what someone else should wear, Bang Chan and Changbin responded in respectful ways, proving how much they value women as individuals.

Leader Bang Chan didn’t have any problem speaking up for what was right. He pointed out how the choice wasn’t up to him at all, “I want girls to wear whatever clothes they like.”

2 stray kids bang chan

Changbin was on the same page as Bang Chan. It wasn’t about what he wanted but what the girl felt comfortable wearing, “Anything that fits them is fine.”

1 stray kids changbin

While fans questioned why that would be an interview question in the first place, they were impressed by the respectful ways Bang Chan and Changbin chose to respond. They cleverly switched the focus from them to whatever fashion women were satisfied with.

1 stray kids bang chan

Stray Kids aren’t only speaking out about society’s issues through their music but through their interviews as well. Who doesn’t want to stan intellectuals?

1 stray kids bang chan changbin