At the mention of all the idol friends the members of Stray Kids has, there’s more than just a few. From members of boy groups like TXT and ATEEZ to girl groups like IZ*ONE, they have friends in some of the most unexpected places. They announced another.

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In the latest episode of Bang Chan‘s Chan’s Room, he surprised everyone by revealing his friendship with BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and how they’d become close.

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During the live broadcast, he wanted to share a TMI with viewers. It turned out to be that he and Lisa are close friends, “I’m actually really close with Lisa.” They hadn’t recently become friends, either.

Bang Chan revealed that they’d been friends for a very long time. They went as far back as before Stray Kids had debuted, “‘Cause I knew her since I was a trainee.” Since he was a trainee for eight years, the two could’ve known each other for a very long time. They had a mutual friend that brought them closer together.

That friend was Bang Chan’s close friend GOT7‘s Bambam. It’s commonly known by fans of both groups that the two were thick as thieves when they were trainees. With Bambam being childhood friends with Lisa, it makes perfect sense that his other close friend Bang Chan would be close to her as well.

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Listen to Bang Chan explain how his friendship with Lisa had come to be, thanks to Bambam here.