When it came to everyone’s attention that Stray KidsChangbin would appear on season nine of Show Me The Money, fans were more than convinced he would succeed.

After the airing of the show’s season premiere, Changbin didn’t disappoint and instead opened a few eyes with his rap skills.

stray kids changbin

Right from the moment Changbin was introduced, he was nothing but humble. “Hi, I’m Changbin that’s in charge of rap in SKZ.

Despite how viewers and competitors of the show typically underestimate someone’s rap skills if they’re an idol, he wasn’t afraid of the label. “It was my dream to stand on stage, so I debuted as an idol. I’m very happy living life as an idol.

When it came time for him to show off his rap skills, he proved those misconceptions wrong.

1 stray kids changbin show me the money 9

Never missing the beat or forgetting his lyrics, Changbin’s husky voice and powerful delivery had everyone from the judges to the contestants vibing with his rap. Even the judge JUSTHIS‘s jaw dropped upon first hearing Changbin, before bobbing his head along to the rap.

After blowing everyone away with his skills, it was only right for JUSTHIS to give Changbin the pass he needed for the next round. Like anyone would be, he was relieved to succeed and put on the coveted chain that even some of the best of underground rappers haven’t managed to win.

Since Changbin’s knocked out the first round so effortlessly, everyone will be keeping their eyes on him for the rest of the season. Check out the rap skills that had everyone in the room impressed with him.