In a recent photoshoot and interview with Elle Korea, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, Felix, Bang Chan, and Han shared the feelings on music, inspiration, dancing, fashion, and more.

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For Felix’s interview portion, he was asked some questions regarding his on and off stage fashion choices.

White mascara, gem makeup, silver-wolf hair cut, etc…your stage style is always a hot topic. Are you aware that people look forward to it?

First, since it’s our job to stand out and present ourselves, so of course I’m aware of it. It’s fun to challenge new stlyles too.

— Felix

Felix is known to have unique stage outfits on stage that go viral. As previously mentioned, Felix has worn sparkling gems below his eyes and iconic white mascara.

felix stray kids.


The interviewer then asked Felix about anybody he looks up to in terms of fashion and style.

Are there any fashion icons that you keep an eye on?

Gigi and Bella Hadid. Women’s apperal also gets my attention a lot. I believe that I should wear clothing that suits me best, regardless of gender.

— Felix

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Whatever Felix wears, fans know he will look absolutely amazing in it.