At the mention of TXT‘s Soobin‘s height, no one can forget how hilariously intimidated even BTS‘s tall members Jin and RM were to stand beside him. During the 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje (KBS Song Festival), fans were amused once more by how much taller he looked beside the group.

Still, there was one particular idol he had an unexpected height difference with that had fans shook.

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When Stray KidsHyunjin stood next to Music Bank MC Soobin for the 9800 special unit interview, no one was ready.

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As Soobin stood beside the unit of talented dancers, fans couldn’t believe how small Hyunjin looked compared to his junior. It was made all the more amazing because neither of them was standing on the platform.

From a different angle, fans found amusement in Soobin looking just as tall as the height of Hyunjin with THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon‘s head right above him.

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What truly had fans shook was the fact that Hyunjin is the tallest member of Stray Kids. If Soobin towered over Hyunjin, the height difference between him and the rest of the members would look just as humorous.

stray kids kbs 2020 song festival

When fans called TXT a group of giants, they definitely weren’t lying. Check out the height difference between them that finally allowed Hyunjin to be called small.