With Stray KidsHyunjin being an MC for MBC‘s Music Core, he ran into his JYP Entertainment seniors GOT7, who are promoting their new tracks “Breath” and “Last Piece”. Since Hyunjin is a major fanboy of Jinyoung, an interaction between them had fans delighted.

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Right after Hyunjin asked “Jinyoung sunbae-nim” a question in GOT7’s interview segment, he took everyone by surprise and sweetly wrapped an arm around Hyunjin’s shoulders as he began to respond.

Even when Hyunjin went on to read his MC lines, Jinyoung still kept his biggest fan by his side until the very end of the segment. The short but sweet moment caused all the feels.

With Hyunjin being such a fanboy for everything that involves Jinyoung, it was heartwarming for Jinyoung to reach out to him in such a caring way.

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Hyunjin is indeed one successful fanboy for slowly getting closer and closer to his sunbae.

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