During Stray Kids‘ online fan meeting through Shopee, the group played a round of Never Have I Ever that revealed some interesting moments. One of them was that Hyunjin sheds a few tears when he watches a film. At least, if it hits all the right cues.

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When the host asked if any of them had ever cried while watching a movie, Bang Chan and Felix were quick to confirm they had. Hyunjin and Seungmin weren’t so sure and threw up their maybe signs.

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Hyunjin then revealed that films centered around family dynamics nearly always made him emotional. “I usually cry when I watch family-themed movies.

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When asked for specifics, Hyunjin pointed out how the deeper meaning in them pulled him in and tugged on his heartstrings. “Usually family-themed movies have a sad story and a very heartwarming plot, so I cried.

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Even though Hyunjin is extremely charismatic when on stage, he’s just a big softy when it comes to touching moments.

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