Stray KidsHyunjin was previously swept up in bullying accusations, to which JYP Entertainment firmly denied. Subsequently, Hyunjin released a personal statement and apology for his actions. A teacher who taught Hyunjin’s grade has stepped up to clarify the situation. The teacher personally sent in a lengthy explanation to media outlet, OSEN.

The teacher revealed that they have verified their account of the story with other teachers from the school. The teacher shared that the overall vibes in Hyunjin’s grade year was not a positive one, and many kids acted immaturely. Hence, they admitted that Hyunjin too, may not have been exemplary in behavior.

However, he clarified that Hyunjin never lead in any violence or bullying against other children.

Hence, while Hyunjin’s immature words and actions may have caused hurt to others at that point of time, he did not take the lead in any violence and I feel very bad that these points were exaggerated and falsified.

— Hyunjin’s former teacher

The teacher ended off with hopes that their students will not be hurt over the matter.


The full letter can be read below. JYP Entertainment has not spoken regarding this letter.

Hello. I am a teacher at the school by which Stray Kids’ Hyunjin has graduated from in 2016. I have watched over him throughout his school life, from his entry into the school up to his graduation.

I am writing this post, because I felt bad seeing the posts and rumors from other students that have surrounded him recently. On the chance that my memories would have been distorted as well, I called other teachers that were working at that point of time, and checked the situation from back then with them. So I will be trying to write from an objective point of view, based on the standards of what I recall about the school’s environment back then.

When Hyunjin was in his second year of middle school, those in his grade year overall were strongly competitive and there were many students who were rougher in personality, so the vibes of his grade year was on the sharper side. Although this can also be blamed on the fact that the kids were in a more immature phase, due to external circumstances, rather than embracing each other’s flaws, the vibe was more of where they criticized and booed each other. If I were to cautiously say what me and the other teachers felt at that point of time, I remember that most of the kids in the class were swept up in this sort of vibe and they expressed it in an immature and unskilled way. Hyunjin too, while he was within this sort of environment, he also had several personal circumstances that was affecting him, and hence he experienced a time of confusion and his words and actions were rough and on the edge.

Hence, while Hyunjin’s immature words and actions may have caused hurt to others at that point of time, he did not take the lead in any violence and I feel very bad that these points were exaggerated and falsified.

It is on Hyunjin’s onus to reflect sufficiently on the points in which he was lacking, and to apologize and seek forgiveness from those friends that he hurt, as well as to take responsibility. But I feel that every critique and responsibility regarding all the ongoings of that grade year fell onto Hyunjin, just because he is a celebrity. All the teachers I called up agree on the opinion that it is a pity and unfair that Hyunjin’s impression has been left as one of a child with bad character and that he has been branded as such.

I know that this matter has become a hot topic amongst the alumnus. Even a schoolmate of his from his grade year, that I keep in contact with occasionally, mentioned, “I think everyone back then said harsh words without knowing that it would cause hurt to others. I might have caused someone hurt as well. If I get the opportunity, I’d like to apologize too. I once again feel the responsibility and weight that comes with words.”

I feel that it is such a pity that many of my students were hurt and that they spent a difficult time in such a rough environment for their grade year where a bunch of immature, pubescent youths were gathered in their second year of middle school. Although they were immature kids, they are all my precious students and as a teacher that had led them through over 3 years, I send you this post cautiously, with hopes that no kid will be hurt again over their memories of that point in time.

— Hyunjin’s former teacher