Stray Kids is soaring higher than ever – they’ve just broken their own record for album sales in pre-orders for IN生. The album is set to be their repackaged album for their first full-length album, GO生, which was released previously in mid-June. IN生 goes up on sale officially on the 14th of September 2020.

| JYP Entertainment

As of the 11th of September, Stray Kids pre-order sales for the repackaged version went over 300,000 copies, a first for the rookie group. Previously with GO生, the group sold 200,000 copies in presales, making this a new high for them.

Their popularity is on the rise as the repackaged album comes a whole 3 months after the original. “God’s Menu” captured fans with an addictive beat and fresh, innovative concept as well as a powerful performance, raising expectations for the comeback.

| JYP Entertainment

The members also participated in the songwriting and lyrics composition for the previous album, proving their talents. It is reported that they will be coming back with a spicier, more upgraded sound and performance for the comeback. The album will also contain “Back Door”, a self-composed and produced song by unit 3RACHA. “Back Door” released its teaser on the 11th of September at 12pm KST, and as of 4pm KST, it already has over 1.7 million views.

| JYP Entertainment

The full song and music video will be released on the 14th of September at 6pm. In other news, a special live stream will be held at 9pm on the 11th of September, ONLINE UNVEIL:IN生 to tease the new album.