Taecyeon talked about Krystal, his title read, “Rejected by f(x)’s Krystal.” 2PM wanted to have a female singer feature in a part of the song. When asked who was on the list of potential candidates for the song “Put Your Hands Up”: Yu-Na Kim (However, Yu-Na Kim had left for Russia) and Krystal (After watching Pinocchio they had all thought that she would be a good fit, Taecyeon confessed that it was Junho who wanted to have Krystal on the track)

JYP told 2PM to try and ask this on a personal level instead of getting the feature through the companies. So, Taecyeon received Krystal’s number from SNSD’s Jessica

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk brought up an interesting point, “Why did Taecyeon get Krystal’s number through Jessica when he just could have gotten the number through Nichkhun.” (Because Nichkhun currently has a virtual relationship with Victoria on We Got Married)



Krystal said that she would be fine on featuring and everything was set up. (Taecyeon hinted that Junho was very interested) However, when everything was set in stone Krystal did not appear. The manager explained that it was because Krystal was still a minor (She is 18) and the song is about drinking and clubbing.

Krystal expressed that she wanted to be on the track because it was a big honor, so Taecyeon suggested that she do it on the spot. Krystal performed well and she felt like she should have just gone through with the featuring on the track.