Krystal began to talk about lifting up her shirt for the song, “Nu Abo.” After her song was broadcast on television her abs were shown quite often. Krystal was worried that news sources would talk about how Krystal has a belly.

When asked if Krystal does anything special to keep her shape, Krystal confessed that she does not work out. (All the other female guests were jealous)

Krystal said that she went to a jazz dance academy when she was younger. She always had to stretch and do sit-ups every day.

They showed a picture of Krystal showing her abs. It was called “11 shape abs” because it looks like the number 11. Krystal stated that she had the abs even after eating bread.

Krystal currently appears on “Kiss and Cry” and is showing off her surprisingly skillful figure skating.