“Emperor” Lee Seung Ki’s drinking habits were revealed and gained a lot of attention.

On July 19th for the episode of SBS’ “Strong Heart” that was broadcast, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk talked about binge drinking with Lee Seung Ki and Lee Teuk. (Lee Seung Ki was sweating during the talk, of course.)

Eunhyuk began by stating that Lee Seung Ki is good at drinking.

Eunhyuk, “Seung Ki is good at drinking and once he started to get a little buzzed he started to talk a lot and he began to brag.” “We talked a lot about soccer and Lee Seung Ki began to say that he was very good at soccer, he said that when he went out to play soccer during lunch, even when he shot the ball at the half line he would make a goal.

Kang Ho Dong joked, “Were you playing Shaolin Soccer or something?

Source: Star News