SNSD is easily considered to be one of the biggest girl groups in Korea today. As you probably already know, the nine member group’s past hit songs include “Gee”, “Genie (Tell Me Your Wish),” and “Run Devil Run.”

With their official four year anniversary today, August 5, we’ve decided to feature a fashion post of their various  styles from 2007 to 2011.

Their live performance outfits have definitely changed as their image changed from cute and innocent to cute but sexy. Here’s a compilation of their fashion concept styles for their various songs starting from “Into the World” in 2007 and “Mr. Taxi” in 2011.

Into the New World (Debut – 2007)

With their debut single, “Into the New World,” the girls wore sporty outfits mainly consisting of white skirts, high socks, and sneakers. Some members even wore arm bands and knee pads, giving even more of a sports-like image. It gave SNSD an innocent type of image that appealed to many as their popularity began to grow after their debut.

Girl’s Generation (2007)

For their next single, “Girl’s Generation”, the girls changed their style into a more feminine, school girl type of style. Although they still mainly wore skirts and dresses, they moved from a sporty style to a girly style. They often wore high socks or stockings along with most of the members wearing long sleeved shirts or blouses, as they were promoting during the cold winter. They wore various colors, with each member brightening the stage with their different outfits.

Kissing You (2008)

When they came back in 2008, they maintained their cute image, still wearing skirts and dresses. However, white and pastels were their main colors worn. Lace and tutu skirts were worn along with their signature over-the-knee socks. It definitely helped them keep their innocent image while changing their style.

Baby Baby (2008)

After their successful run with “Kissing You”, the girls came back with a repackaged album which included their new song, “Baby Baby.” By now, the girls were know for their sweet, cute, and innocent image and it definitely was translated into their outfits as the return of the skirts and dresses appeared. In some performances, their outfits included their high socks while in some they revealed their bare legs.

Gee (2009)

A new year marked a new style for SNSD, as they wore colored skinny jeans for their hit single “Gee.” They wore T-shirts combined with either denim skinny jeans or colored skinny jeans. Because this was one of their most famous songs by far, it caused colored jeans and white T-shirts to become the new fashion style of the year.

Tell Me Your Wish / Genie (2009)

After their extremely successful “Gee” promotions, they came back with another hit song, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).” Their concept for their live performances was a marine and army girl style. This was their first real time the girls all wore shorts, showing off their long, thin legs. Their outfits consisted of short shorts and marine style tops. During their various live performances, some members even wore sailor-like hats to complement their marine outfits.

Oh! (2010)

Coming back in 2010, the girls began promotions for their new song, “Oh!” Like in their music video, the girls were dressed as cheerleaders in most of their performances. Their sports-like look from their “Into the New World” days made a comeback, but in a more modern, different style. Knee length high heeled boots and shorts were mainly worn during their performances. They also had their own jersey numbers which were sometimes displayed on their cheerleader-like tops.

Run Devil Run (2010)

After their “cheerleader concept”, their “Black Soshi concept” was revealed during their “Run Devil Run” promotions. Unlike their past stage styles, they opted for a more dark, mysterious concept. Only wearing black or white, the girls made a 180 degree transformation from the innocent girls to the sexy, dark girls. During live stages, they wore leather pants or black dresses with dark stockings. Some of the members even wore fingerless gloves while singing, giving an overall more powerful look.

Hoot (2010)

Their most recent Korean song, “Hoot”, also gave way for more change for SNSD. They used a “retro style concept” for both their music video and performance outfits. Knee length high heeled boots were again used along with bright colored outfits. Styles that were mainly popular in the 50’s to the 80’s were frequently used. However, even with their retro concept they still maintained their cute image that they carried from their debut.

Mr. Taxi (Japan – 2011)

After SNSD’s successful Japanese debut with “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, “Gee”, and “Run Devil Run,” the girls then released their first Japanese album with new titles such as “Let It Rain”, “Great Escape”, and “Mr. Taxi.” For their Mr. Taxi promotions, the girls donned taxi driver like outfits such as yellow and black taxi driver outfits. Their use of leather returned again with SNSD wearing black leather pants and leather styled tops.

In terms of growth, SNSD has definitely grown stronger over the years, becoming one of the top groups in Korea in a matter of only four years. However, they’ve also grown and changed in terms of fashion. From their sporty chic looks to leather jackets and pants, SNSD has matured into the women we see now. I’m looking forward to seeing what these girls can offer in the future in terms of both fashion style and concepts.

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