SBSK-Pop Star” was successful in creating a new bar for vocal talent in South Korean audition programs. They also created a new type of program by involving the top three agencies: JYPE, SME, and YGE. However another significant achievement is the group “Su Pearls.”

The group is made up of Park Ji Min, Michelle Lee, Lee Seung Joo, and Lee Jung Mi. During the group competition portion of the show, they were forced to breakup because it wouldn’t be fair for the other contestants.

For the April 8 episode of SBS “K-Pop Star” they returned to perform their popular renditions of Girls’ GenerationThe Boys” and “Fame.” (From the film of the same name)

Netizens that viewed the performance stated, “They are so great,” “They are true K-Pop Stars,” and “I hope that we can still see them after the broadcast of K-Pop Star is over.”

The production team of “K-Pop Star” stated, “Viewers of the show have asked to reunite ‘Su Pearls.’ While preparing for their performance the members showed a professional work ethic. It is amazing how they have gathered again and released such energy.

Unfortunately, for this episode Michelle Lee was dropped from the show. Now, the only remaining Su Pearls member is Park Ji Min.