On August 14, upcoming SBS drama “To the Beautiful You” revealed behind the scene snapshots of Sulli and Minho‘s much anticipated kiss scene. The revealed pictures show Minho putting Sulli up against a wall and trying to kiss her without a warning. These snapshots stir much curiosity in excited fans about whether Minho has already found out Sulli is in fact a girl or not.

At the filming set, both Sulli and Minho seemed nervous and fluttered at the same time about upcoming first kiss scene. They locked lips 15 times. While Sulli focused on acting without much trouble, her lack of shyness caused Minho to be even more shy and awkward. A staff member commented, “Sulli and Minho have this fantastic chemistry. They know what each other wants just by looking at each other.”

Meanwhile, “To the Beautiful You” is a story about Goo Jae Hee (played by Sulli) and her struggles in transferring over to all-male physical education high school in drag to meet her dream guy Kang Tae Joon (played by Minho), the high jump gold medalist.