For the issue of “High Cut Magazine” that will be released today on April 19, f(x) Sulli appeared in a pthooshoot titled, “Sulli Over Cherry Blossoms.” (A play on the title of the drama “Boys Over Flowers.” Sulli had her lips done in a lovey way that reminds one of Audrey Hepburn. The pink blusher makes her look even more innocent.

The photoshoot is used to promote the “Chanel Makeup Pop Up Store” that will open for a month beginning from April 21. A representative of Chanel stated, “This photoshoot is a meeting of Sulli and Chanel which is meaningful. Sulli’s makeup was done by 4 different limited edition products, and they fit her perfectly. Sulli is the perfect fit to represent Chanel which has become more trendy and youthful.”