Sulli, a member of girl group f(x), recently had the rare opportunity to send Kim Jong Gook on errands on the latest episode of “Running Man.”

On July 14, Kim Jong Gook was punished by receiving orders from Sulli as her servant on “Running Man.” However, Sulli still spoke to Kim Jong Gook in a respectful and formal manner when giving him commands. 

Upon seeing this, the producer encouraged Sulli to take advantage of the opportunity to “speak informally and be more direct.” Yoo Jae Suk and Haha gleefully chimed in as well, saying, “This is your chance! You’re in a game after all.” Sulli couldn’t help but smile after hearing their suggestions. She then turned to Kim Jong Gook and asked, “Will you go fetch me some orange juice? Your nuna wants to have some.” Kim Jong Gook’s flustered expression caused the rest of the members to laugh aloud. 

Netizens who watched the comical exchange commented, “Watching Sulli give errands is entertaining”, “Sulli’s adorable when she talks like that” and “Kim Jong Gook must have been surprised.”

Soccer player Park Ji Sung and Patrice Evra also made appearances on the July 14 episode. 

Sulli_running man