Sulli arrived at a promotional event in Seoul for the high-end fashion brand, FENDI.

sulli seethrough dress 1


She arrived looking as beautiful as ever in a netted top with a long black maxi-skirt, all accentuated by her newly bleached blonde hair and a mini bag to match!

sulli seethrough dress 9


She chose to go for a simple makeup look and her signature red lips to top off the outfit.

sulli seethrough dress 7


But no matter how beautiful her makeup and hair were, it was overshadowed by her gorgeous see-through dress!

sulli seethrough dress 4


Sulli showcased a brand new look that featured a netted top with a nude see-through fabric underneath.

sulli seethrough dress 5


And her whole outfit accentuated her glamorous body line and long legs!

sulli seethrough dress 6


Although K-Netizens are well known to bash Sulli for every single thing she wears, the majority surprisingly agreed that Sulli absolutely killed it with this outfit!

sulli seethrough dress netizen


Queen Sulli finally getting the recognition that she deserves! Slay Queen, slay!

sulli seethrough dress 8