Sung Jin Hwan (31) of Sweet Sorrow and “Hongdae goddess” Oh Ji Eun (29) confirm their relationship.

According to a representative of the music industry, Sung Jin Hwan and Oh Ji Eun have been in a relationship of three years and while the two have kept it a secret, they have been spotted recently at Seoul Mapo and a local café in Hongdae sharing a comfortable date.

Oh Ji Eun also showed her close relationship with Sweet Sorrow when she had written a congratulatory song with band mate Jung Joon Il of Peppertones then for the wedding of Sweet Sorrow member Kim Young Woo.

According to someone who knows the two well, they spoke by saying, “The two are dating” and “They’ve been careful about not being caught, especially in publicly showing their affection in events like going out for drinks with close friends.”

They continued further in saying, “However, seeing that they are carrying their dates more publicly nowadays, they are thinking of marriage” and “Both sides of the family know the two are in a relationship. Look forward to where their love will take them.”

Sung Jinhwan and Oh Jieun first met as respective musicians in entering Yoo Jae Ha’s Music Competition in 2004 and 2006. From then on, they grew closer with the similarity they had to pursuit music and at the end of 2009, the two advanced their relationship into lovers.

Meanwhile, Sweet Sorrow which is a male vocal group comprised of members In Ho Jin, Song Woo Jin, Kim Young Woo, and Sung Jin Hwan. They released their first official album and marked their debut into the music industry in 2005.

This upcoming October, they are anticipating the release of their new album and will be releasing a new song with Jung Jun Ha, whom they participated the MBC “West Coast Highway Music Festival” in “Infinity Challenge.”

In 2007, Oh Ji Eun made her debut with her 1st album ‘Ji Eun’ and earned the sympathy of fellow women for her honest self-confession in her lyrics as a singer-songwriter.

Also in 2010, Oh Ji Eun rose as a representative of being a goddess in the Hongdae indie scene by forming the group ‘Oh Ji Eun and the Wolves’ (which is currently disbanded), creating funky and groovy music with music strong of a color.

She’s also gaining love for her multitalented ways when she translated the 3-part Japanese manga ‘Coffee, One More Cup’ as well as release her vacation essay ‘Hokkaido, An Average Train.’