Actress Sung Yuri talked about her wedding rumors during the recently aired episode of “Healing Camp.”

During her trip to Japan with fellow friend and actress Jung Ryeo Won, both talked about their future. When Jung Ryeo Won asked, “Do you have any thoughts for marriage?,” Sung Yuri replied, “I don’t know. I want to get married once I get acknowledged for my work by the public. I’ve always thought that my award as a top actress was a sign that showed I was worthy of recognition.”

She continued, “Even if I do get awarded again in the future, in my speech, I want to say something like ‘I want to dedicate this to someone’ and then get married so that I know I achieved recognition and I am worthy of that recognition. But somehow, there are always news reports that I’m getting ready for marriage.”

“Because of those rumors, some people even think that I am already married. That’s why I am really getting concerned about my work and I’m getting impatient. But still, if I constantly push my marriage just for work, I feel like I’m going to regret it. I think I’ll miss the right time to get married. Also, I’m amazed that time has gone so fast for me to talk about marriage,” Sung Yuri said.

Sung Yuri on Healing Camp