EXID‘s HaniSunmiOh My Girl‘s YooALOONA‘s Chuu, and producer, Park So Jung attended the online press conference for Mnet‘s Running Girls where Sunmi made the concerning revelation about her dislocated knee.


She confessed that she has a dislocated knee and that it wasn’t easy for her to run on the variety show.

My right knee is dislocated, so it was a little hard running on the show.

— Sunmi


What’s even more shocking is the fact that she kept it a secret until it was dislocated it again on set.

I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but when my knee fell out during the last run, I was pretty shocked.

— Sunmi

| @miyayeah/Instagram

But Sunmi reassured fans that she ran at a pace that was safe for her.

Luckily, the show isn’t about sprinting but rather running at your own pace, so it wasn’t too bad.

— Sunmi


She even showed concern for her fellow members and their bad joints.

Since we all worked in the entertainment industry for so long, everyone has bad joints, and that worries me.

— Sunmi

| @miyayeah/Instagram

Last July, Sunmi worried fans with a photo of her bandaged leg.

| @miyayeah/Instagram

Here’s hoping Sunmi takes it easy and focuses on her recovery!