Sunmi appeared on Knowing Bros where she opened up about her weight and how she was scared that she may end up dying if she continued to lose weight so much.

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During the introduction, she revealed that during her earlier promotions she lost so weight that she went down to 41kg (90lbs). She revealed it was during her “Heroine” promotions.

But she came to a point where she kept losing so much weight that she was scared that she may even die if it continued like this. So she decided to change her diet and routine to gain weight.

She successfully increased her weight to 50kg (110lbs).

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I actually lost weight down to 41kg during “Heroine” and I thought I may die if I continued like this so I gained weight to about 50kg.

— Sunmi

Kang Ho Dong comically added that he’s never remembered a time when he weighed 41kg. His earliest memories are from his elementary school days when he already weighed about 60kg!

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Sunmi has been continually praised for her new healthier look since gaining weight. But the most important aspect of her recent weight gain is that she’s healthier than ever!

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