Sunmi recently opened up about her experience on JTBC4’s “Secret Sister” and when she felt like she found her true identity in a photo spread and interview with High Cut magazine.

She laughed as she talked about “Secret Sister,” saying, “It’s mostly just cameras and not a lot of cameramen so I often forget that I’m being filmed. Things I do when I’m at home by myself start to creep out. Sometimes, I’m almost about to walk around with barely anything on and I’ll remember the camera, or I’ll be just about to go to the bathroom and remember the camera.”

On what’s it been like working with Red Velvet’s Seulgi on the show, Sunmi said, “I had always liked Red Velvet and right around the end of my promotions for ‘Heroine,’ they came back with ‘Bad Boy’ so I had a lot of chances to see them perform. Out of all of them, Seulgi really stood out to me. To see so much power coming from her with her tall stature made her look so cool and chic in my eyes.”

Sunmi also confessed that she finally started feeling truly free on stage from the release of her hit song “Gashina.” She explained, “I felt like I didn’t really know who I was before then, even while releasing solo albums and promoting as a member of the Wonder Girls. After I left JYP, I had a lot of time to think about who I am, and that’s when I really started to get to know myself better. I looked deep inside of myself and I realized that I’d been holding myself back because I was afraid that people wouldn’t like what I did and say something about it.”

She continued to say, “And then the thought hit me like I’d been hit really hard on the back of my head, ‘Even Michael Jackson and Beyoncé have people who don’t like them.’ That’s what I realized before my comeback with ‘Gashina.’ I think that realization showed in my music video and performances.”

Sunmi’s full interview and photo spread with High Cut will be available in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

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