It looks like Sunmi and Red Velvet’s Seulgi have paired up for a reality show!

On April 26, Sunmi shared a photo and two videos with Seulgi on her Twitter. In her first video, she and Seulgi are in their pajamas, and she introduces Seulgi as “Bunny Seulgi” before turning the camera on herself and asking “Oh, who’s this?”

She also wrote “Secret Unnie” in her tweet, which appears to be a reference to the JTBC4 reality show of the same name (also known as “Secret Sister”). Sunmi previously appeared in a teaser for the show, where she expressed her excitement about gaining a “younger sister,” although it wasn’t revealed who she’d be filming with.

Sunmi added on the photo, “Coming soon!!!”

Sunmi shared the second video in the format of a television screen, with another TV featuring the message “Be sure to watch live.” This time around, she also added the hashtag “JTBC.”

Sunmi also posted a pair of the two of them on their outing!

JTBC4’s “Secret Sister” is a new reality show that features pairs of female stars who aren’t friends yet. They spend a whole 24 hours together, including sharing the same bed at night, and talk to each other about their worries and lives. Another pair on the show is Red Velvet’s Yeri and actress Han Chae Young.

Many fans are excited to see their friendships develop on the show!

“Secret Sister” airs on JTBC4 on Fridays.